The Flappy Falcon


Welcome to South Valley High School, where students are at the center of all we do.


Vision:  South Valley High School students will connect their learning experiences to their personal passions and develop their own vision for success that complements their community.

Mission:  South Valley High School offers an alternative place for the achievement of a secondary education.  With the attainment of our accredited diploma our graduates will successfully transition to various postsecondary endeavors including the world of work.  Paramount to our all-inclusive and diverse educational programs and services is sustaining a culture of respect.  By honoring our complementary roles and responsibilities we will promote accountability toward our vision and mission.  To assure the realization of our Expected School Wide Learning Results (ELSRs), students, staff, parents and all other stakeholders will engage in a cycle of inquire with a focus on insuring student learning.  Regular formative assessments and the review of summative students work will guide our educational practices resulting in student proficiency the content and grade level academic standards.


Students will…

Pursue Academic Excellence

Communicate in written and oral form

Complete graduation requirements

Achieve technological literacy

Be prepared for post-secondary and career opportunities

Be Personally Responsible

Comply with rules and laws

Be accountable for actions and decisions

Be community assets

Respect Others

Respect self

Be tolerant

Honor diversity

Wings Wide Open, Eyes On The World