Carter Finally Gets It: A Book Review

Image Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

Image Courtesy of Barnes and Noble

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In the book, Carter Finally Gets It, a freshman boy strives to become popular and achieve the goal of every teenage boy; he wants to lose his virginity. In the beginning of the book Carter (the main character) is in an arcade with his best friend, EJ, and he notices that this girl, Amber Lee, is having trouble with the quarter machine. So in an attempt to flirt, he completely crashes and burns because he starts stuttering and sweating and she just brushes him off. In the next scene he is at the city pool and he is egged into doing a gainor, which ended in a horrible back flop. But afterwards he finds that a pleseant girl named Abby is into him. He is invited to a party with her he goes through the struggle of finding something to wear. After the party he kisses her and they start dating. And from there stuff escalates a little bit until, of course he screws it all up by saying he did stuff to abby in front of his nemesis, Andre. Then Carter says he will take Amber to the Dance when he just told Abby he loved her. Now all the girls hate him. But he turns it around and gets back with Abby in the end. The book was definitely worth reading because it had conflict and humor the two things that I look for in a book.

One of the reasons this book was so enjoyable to read was how Carter developed throughout the book, from a nervous freshman to a confidant young man. For example, he tries to talk to Amber and all that comes out is “W-whh-wou”. An example of him being confident is: He does so when he becomes an absolute beast on the football field, he does so because the anger he has towards Amber and Andre. He is angry at Amber for using him, and he is mad at Andre for taking Abby then cheating on her. He is even put on Varsity because how well he is playing. Another thing that made this book good to read was just how funny it was; there was so much humor in it.  For example, when the cops raid the party and the dog bites off EJ’s pants and he hast to run off with his ass hanging out. Another example is when Carter fails the second gainor off the high dive (into a pool) and he is nearly drowning and has to be saved by a lifeguard. However, the lifeguard is a super hot girl and he starts focusing on leaning his head against her boobs. This is funny because even when he is in a totally embarrassing and dangerous situation, he is still thinking about sex. What a horn dog.

Carter Finally Gets It was much more than good character development and lots of laughs, it has a serious message for us too. The message behind the books is to be yourself no matter who your with. Throughout the book Carter is messing up relationship after relationship because he is acting like someone else because he wants to be cool. But when he becomes himself again he finally gets Abby back. That is when he finally “Gets It.” This message applies to real life because everyone at some point acts like someone else. For example, many people, especially teens, have horrible self confidence and suffer from major mental stress 24/7 or from PTSD from childhood traumas. They make jokes and are loud to cover up their insecurity; they worry about what other people think of them so they act a certain way to try to fit the mold or be cool.  However, they all have a talent that they are passionate about — paying music, playing sports, making art, coding computers, etc — and when they engage in that, they forget all of the other stuff and are just themselves, and that is when they shine.

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