Can a Pill Save Your Head?

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Nine out of ten parents deliberately make their kids get brain damage. This sounds crazy, but it is kinda true, because many parents make their kids play sports, and what we are finding out is a lot of them are put in a position where they end up getting a concussion, which can cause brain damage.  Scientists have come to find how much of a problem concussions are becoming. An estimated 1.6-3.8 million sports and recreation related concussions occur each year; and during 2001- 2005 and estimated 3.5 million youth, ages 5-18, got a concussion related to sports. We all like to think that playing sports, especially youth sports, builds character, teaches teamwork, and all kinds of good things, but there is literally a “shark in the water,” which is they may be getting concussed and not even know it, and this can lead to brain damage later in life.

Concussions usually occur when someone gets a blow to the head. Now a blow to the head doesn’t mean somebody hit you upside the head with a board, it can be as simple as heading a soccer ball in practice, especially if you are doing it often as part of a drill.  It can mean getting tackled hard, it can mean, falling on the court and hitting your head. It can be as simple as standing up and hitting your head on something at home, like an open drawer. When that happens, it causes your brain to shake back and forth quickly, which can be no big deal, or cause you all kinds of problems. Concussions aren’t usually life threatening, but the symptoms that come with it may need some type of treatment. Some symptoms you suffer from getting a concussion are loss of balance or dizziness, your vision can be disrupted, you may feel nauseous or throw up,  or you may fall unconscious. Although concussions occur in football all the time it occurs in a bunch of other sports like basketball, boxing, soccer or if you fight in the UFC. It also happens to people in their homes or anywhere and it can happen by either falling or accidently hitting your head against something really hard.

The sport that has brought the effects of concussions into the public eye, because the media reports on it so much, is football; specifically the NFL.  Concussions are a huge problem in NFL. Scientists and researchers have found that 58.2% of players get involved with a head injury through their regular season games. And in 2015, 275 players were diagnosed with a concussion during the whole season, which was the most ever.

Researchers have said that 96% of former NFL players have a brain disease. This brain disease players are getting is called “Degenerative Disease,” which is a disease that affects the tissue or organs mostly in the brain as neurons in the brain start to die because of concussions.  Once it starts, the disease worsens over time, even without getting any more concussions. There was about 459 known concussions through the 2015-2016 NFL season, from preseason games through playoffs. Researchers also found that 45% of the concussions occured on helmet to body hits and 35% was helmet to helmet collision; 20 years ago these numbers were double. Since more and more players are getting concussions, and more and more retired players are suffering from Degenerative Disease, scientists are trying to come up with a pill that will help the brain recover, which for now they are calling the Concussion Pill.

They haven’t officially made the Concussion Pill yet, but researchers say by 2025 they should have a solution to the concussion problem. A doctor named Dr. William Korinek tells us the Concussion Pill is really meant to help turbocharge the brain’s ability to heal its own damage. They plan to develop the Concussion Pill using cannabidiol and dexanabinol. Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is one of the 113 plus chemical compounds found in cannabis. Dexanabinol is a synthetic cannabinoid. Theses two cannabinoids can disrupt the chemical reactions that follow a concussion and CBD activates receptors that trigger a cellular repair mechanism in the brain, while dexanabinol prevents calcium from grouping up in the cells and draining their energy. This Concussion Pill is based on one solution doctors, and medical staff of sports teams, currently have, which is to use marijuana to help treat the concussions. Researchers say that marijuana helps concussions by helping reduce inflammation to the brain following an injury. As the Concussion Pill is still in the process of being officially made, researchers have done studies on mice to see the effects of it.  They’ve found that after a blow to a mouse’s head, if they give it a dose of the Concussion Pill, the effects of the concussion can be eliminated by a protein contained in the drug, which acts like an antibody. There’s still no guarantee that it will work for humans like it works for mice, but there hoping it will.

If you think of injuries as being like the fashion industry, then concussions are all the rage. Concussions have been going on for a while now, but researchers and scientists are just now noticing how big of a problem it is because of all the attention concussions in professional sports, particularly the NFL, have received from the media.  There is even a movie about concussions starring Will Smith. Will the concussion pill be an actual success in helping athletes recover from a blow to the head? We hope so. However, one thing is certain, people need to be more careful how they use their head. Nobody I know thinks it is worth heading a soccer ball into a net only to not have a working brain later.



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