Falcons Win Second in a Row

Tyson hits the Floater


Tyson hits the Floater

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The second City League game the South Valley Falcons played was against Wine Country, which had a couple of South Valley students on the team. The starting five was Dylan at point guard, Tyson at shooting guard, Ezra at small forward, Dom Patel at power forward and Seth at center.  The teams were happy to be playing at the Ukiah High Gym and they both wanted South Valley bragging rights, so the game promised to have some intensity.

On the Break

The game started off very fast paced, but South Valley was playing terrible man-to-man defense, making Freddie call an early timeout. He made sure they understood if they didn’t hustle and lock in mentally, they would be in a dogfight. He put them into a 1-3-1 zone and after that, South Valley picked it up.  They had two back-to-back fast breaks and the blowout kicked off from there. The Falcons made more than 50% of their shots in the first quarter, going 10/16 from the floor while Wine Country only made 4/12. The score was 22-9 Falcons after one quarter.

The Falcons didn’t look like they were stopping this blowout anytime soon, with back to back defensive stops turning into easy fast break layups, forcing Wine Country to call a timeout and rest. South Valley was just steamrolling through Wine Country’s defense, breaking it down and getting those easy points in the paint. Meanwhile, Wine Country had no luck solving the Falcon’s zone defense, missing all of their outside shots and only making four layups by the end of the second quarter.  The halftime score was 32-16 Falcons.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Wine Country made the first six points of the quarter, making the score 32-22. The quarter wasn’t looking good for the Falcons, they missed shots, made bad passes, and just there was no hustle at all. Freddie ended up calling a timeout and warned his players that if they don’t pick up the pace and play smart basketball, we will lose the lead. Right after the timeout there was a loose ball, which one Wine Country player, Jose Martinez, and Seth Hopkins dove for the ball. After that play, the game changed and the trash talking started. Both teams argued with each other about calls or fouls that should’ve been called. With their intensity back up, the Falcons started picking up the pace and starting lighting the scoreboard up again. With the Falcons leading by more than 20 points, the scoreboard was turned off, per league rules.  However, both coaches agreed to keep it on, so they could see the final results.  It may not be accurate, since the score was turned off a bit, but the Falcons were up bit, 42-22.  The game was getting feisty however. 

Battling on the Boards

Before the last quarter started, Miles, one of the referees, had a brief conversation with both teams at half court before the game started. He told them that there’s parents and kids watching and that it’s just City League so it’s not worth fighting over. Things calmed down after that.  The final quarter went by quickly and the blowout grew quickly too. Wine Country only made 3 out of 8 of their shots, but two of them were three pointers. South Valley made 5 out of 13 and most of the points made were fast break points into the paint. Both teams played hard, but South Valley was more disciplined which played a big part in their win. The final score was 52-29 Falcons.

After the game, coach Freddie had this to say: “It was nice to get the win, and nice to get playing time for everybody.  Hopefully, we learned today that if we stop playing hard anybody can keep up with us.  I liked our defense today and I though our fast break, when we pushed the ball, was excellent.  We did not have a lot of turnovers, which was also good.  We still need to learn to always play the game the “right” way and then the score will take care of itself.”

Tyson and Dylan led all scorers with 12 apiece, Ezra netted 11, Seth added 8 and Darrell and Jose each scored 4.  No other stats were available for this game.

The next Falcons City League Game is January 27th at Grace Hudson. We hope to see you there!


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