Best Cars To Own: 2016

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There really is no “best car” for any given year because it all depends in what category the car is in. There could be the best car through milage,handling, or even speed. MIleage wise, the best cars will always be the hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius. Sports cars and super cars will always have the upper hand dealing with speed because that’s what they are meant for. The best car for handling might be harder to pick because any car can enter the handling category whether the car is big or small, fast or not.

Toyota Prius
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Usually when purchasing a vehicle people usually think about the gas mileage before they think about anything else. We are going to rule out all-electric cars because fully electric cars give you a certain amount of miles per charge instead of per gallon. So, of the cars that use gas, the Toyota Prius C, their small coup, gets the best gas mileage with 54 mpg on the highway and about 52 in the city. It is a hybrid, which means it can run off gas and uses the braking power to generate power to a battery, which helps power the car. The Prius C handles really good now, just as good as a conventional car, even though it does not look like one. It has the turning diameter of 33.5 feet curb to curb. It is a little smaller than the normal Prius, so if you want a little more room, get the normal one, which gets about 50 mpg highway and 48 mpg city. The Mazda6 is the car right behind the Prius with 40 mpg highway and 29 in the city. It handles just as good as a Prius and is a conventional car. The Mazda6 can seat five people pretty comfortably, so if you want good mileage and still be able to take your friends everywhere, this is a good option.  Both the Prius C and the Mazda6 come with different packages, so you have options as far as luxury items like built in GPS and phone compatibility, sound quality, leather seats, etc.  So you can get great mileage and still have a luxurious ride. The starting cost for the Prius was around $26,000 and for the Mazda6 started at around $27,500, with the cost of each going up depending on the luxury packages you bought.

Hennesy Venom
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With all that money saved you could buy a fast car. The fastest car in 2016 was the Koenigsegg Agera R and behind that Hennessey Venom GT. The Koenigsegg, given the room and space, could reach a speed of 273 mph. The car comes with a 5-Liter Turbocharged V8 DOHC engine with a compression ratio of 9.0:1 and is capable of generating an impressive 1200 pound-feet of torque and horsepower of 1140, hence enabling the vehicle to zoom from halt to 60 mph within less than 2.5 seconds and reach speeds from 0 to 186 mph within 11.7 seconds (a world record). This car starts at 1.1 million pounds (British currency), which means it costs around two million dollars. The Hennessey trails behind with a top speed of 270 mph. Packed with a mighty 7.0 Liter Twin-Turbocharged V8 Engine, the Venom GT is capable of generating an outstanding and dazzling horsepower of 1,244 and torque of 1,155 pound-feet, hence enabling the car to fly from halt to 62 mph within 2.8 seconds only and accelerate from zero to 200 mph in 14.51 seconds (all thanks to the intercooler upgrades and single-clutch shift system to ensure faster shift times). This car is only half as much as the Koenigsegg, costing around $1.2 million. There really is no need for any car to ever go that fast because in most cases the owner of the car will never go that fast, but it is better to have that speed and power than to not have it and want it.  Plus, it comes down to bragging rights, you can boast your car is the fastest.  Most if not all the people who purchased these cars aren’t buying it for the speed but rather to get everyone’s attention and to show off.

Hyundai Genesis
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Showing off is not for everyone though, and while most people want good gas mileage, drivers who have families, especially young children, have other considerations, safety.  Safety is the other strong thing to consider when you want to buy a new car. Not only do they need to be good on handling, but if an accident were to ever happen your car should be able to protect you — you may get some scratches, bunt not seriously injured. How do you know if a car is safe?  What makes it safe?  Well, there are extensive tests done by the auto industry to determine this.  The two most recognized tests are the NHTSA and the IIHS — and please don’t ask me what they stand for, just know they are safety tests.  Some of the things they test for are how fast your airbags deploy, how good the brakes work in terms of how fast can you go from 60-0 miles per hour and have control of the car while doing it, how the car absorbs impact, how well the seat belts work, and much more.  You have all seen those ads with the crash test dummies, well those dummies are part of these tests.  The Audi A6 and the Hyundai Genesis both scored perfect on the 9 NHTSA and IIHS crash tests and were named the best cars to own safety wise in 2016. The A6 has whiplash head restraints for both the driver and passenger to reduce the chance of getting injured. The Genesis uses a radar and camera with automatic braking to prevent a collision if the car senses an impact is imminent. Technology is being used more and more to make cars safe – auto braking when impact is imminent, lane assist to keep you from drifting into other cars when you are tired, and more.  The two safest cars of 2016, that use the latest technology, are the Audi A6 and the Hyundai Genesis and both are affordable.  The Audi A6 starts at around $49,000, which is a bit expensive, but the Hyundai Genesis starts at around $27,000, which is as cheap as the Prius.  However, if safety is the most important thing to you, than price should not be a factor.  Let’s face it, we would all pay millions to keep our kids unharmed in a car crash.

Buying a car is like finding a girlfriend or boyfriend; everybody has their own preference and style that is best for them, never a “size fits all” solution.  Every car is made for a specific person , some people need to buy a truck because they have to use it for work, others need a gas saver to get to work and home. When buying a car make sure you look at the safety of it, the reliability of it, and if the car has any problems at all. Not worth buying a vehicle that is not going to keep you alive or get you to where you need to go without breaking down.



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