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Music is a part of everybody’s life. People listen to it while working, while driving, while working out, pretty much any time they can get away with it. Everybody has their favorite song or artist or kind they like.There is even an entire science dedicated to which music makes people buy stuff in stores. People even argue about what music to listen to to improve sex. I listen to music because I feel the positive vibes and it clears my head when I have a bad day.  For me, without music there is no motivation. I feel so relaxed when I listen to music; I feel like I’m in a different world. I’ve been listening to music since I was a little kid and the vibe for it will never stop. Having more opportunities to get involved with music, beyond just playing in a school band, would be a great benefit to teens and could even help stop the gang violence in the streets. So many teens are caught up in music, if there was a way to get involved with music, they would choose to do that instead of joining a gang.  The problem is, it costs money to make and produce music, and since teens, especially ones that might join a gang, don’t have the money to finance it, they end up doing stuff that gets them in trouble. People in the music industry business need to join together to support and finance programs that will help more teens get involved with music and chase their musical dreams.

Music has become everyone’s favorite best friend. I see it all over TV and the internet on ads and commercials these people get paid lots of money for doing one little thing!!!! We all love music, but we need to remember it is a BIG business. It is worth over 100 billion dollars a year around the globe. (  That’s sales, jobs, concerts, everything. With all this money being made, why is it that so many musicians are poor and can’t get their music heard?

The music business needs to be more accessible — more people need a way to get involved, to get their music out to the world. There is a lot of people who dedicate their lives to music. I know I do. I’ve been making and producing my own beats and songs for about two years now. I still have a long way to go but I’m very determined about being a professional producer. Yet, I am like a lot of people all over the world who love and  make music, but never get into the music business because I don’t know how. There is so much good music that nobody has ever had the chance to hear because the people making it have never learned the skills needed to get their music “out there” where others can hear it.

Every high school in America should teach all aspects of the music business and industry to kids because it will help them learn technology and help them get jobs and follow their dreams.  Regular high schools who have music programs barely teach more than how to play in a marching band of some kind….or at least a big band.  I go to South Valley High School and we don’t have any kind of music classes or anything. Schools don’t have a music class to teach teens how to produce and make music, or any of the technical skills that go along with it. Why is that?  A lot of kids drop out of schools just to focus on music, but that often leads to gang violence because they aren’t in school Schools say that they support and help student with what they really want to do as a career, yet they don’t really support getting any kind of career in the music industry — an industry that is worth over 100 billion dollars.  Being a musician is just a part of the industry, but there are lots of other jobs kids could get too: stagehand, sound technician (set up speakers, fix speakers, cables, etc); audio engineer (run the mixing board for a show); produce music (make the beats, use the computer to make it sound a certain way. There are so many good skills schools could teach students related to music.  I have taught myself how to use programs on the computer — fruity loops (making beats) — just so I can make my music. ; have a couple different ways to make beats by 2 different programs that run the whole dj set. –     I feel that all schools should have a music producing / sound engineering class so Students like me who are truly into making music and the actual music business can have the benefit to become a producer.

As a Music Producer I Feel that all schools should provide their students with a class that teaches them how to get into the music industry. Gang violence isn’t the life to live.Teens all over the world are into rap and If schools had music classes to teach students how to produce and make music it would definitely stop all the outside activities you see today.    

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