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We all know that everyone in this world has something or someone that inspires them to do their best. Inspiration comes in different ways and forms and we actually never know when we are going to get struck by it. For some, it is a person they look up to; for others it is something as simple as music. Some people do not know what inspires them because they do not know what the real meaning of inspiration is. Inspiration is something or someone you look up to or something that makes you want to be creative. Inspiration often takes people to a whole new level, it takes people to the point of actually achieving their dreams and goals.

Recently I have seen goals being achieved and dreams come true  — dream after dream being accomplished without the support of family and some friends — because of inspiration. This is the case of one of my closest friends, Jesus Gutierrez, a teenager who changed the way he viewed the world at a young age. At age thirteen, he fell in “love” with a girl who he then broke up with afterwards. That is what caused most of his pain; he had a different view of the world after this life-changing breakup. His thoughts about love changed completely. He felt incomplete. He was confused and for that reason he started to do things to punish himself. He started to self-harm. He told me,  “What started as a confusion and bad choices that I made for a bad experience in “love” became a prison around me — I felt trapped.” Words that, as a friend, hurt me deeply to hear — I did not want my friend to be in pain.

Yet, he had to endure pain every day.  His classmates made fun of him, he hated himself, even his family laughed at him. What is even worse is that he became anorexic and bulimic. He then started having suicidal thoughts. He thought of , cutting his veins and hanging himself.  He got to the point of not wanting to live and tried to commit suicide many times.

image courtesy of m-serpy.blogspot.com

image courtesy of m-serpy.blogspot.com

That is when music came in and gave him inspiration. Thanks to a rapper named Adrian Cervantes Perez (Shé), Jesus was inspired to continue with his life when he heard one of Shé’s songs called “Todo va a Cambiar.” The song talks about the second chance life gives us and how the worst things can change into something better. After he heard another song “Solo se Trata de Prosperar” by the same singer he identified with the lyrics: “Y estoy buscando una razón para continuar, tengo que sacar fuerzas de donde sea y que nada ni nadie lance mi esperanza al mar,” which means basically that you have to have a reason to continue and not let people change your opinion of yourself.   As Jesus said “it was like he (Shé) knew exactly what I was going through.” He started to feel better. After that, he searched more of Shé’s songs and found some of his videos called “Diarios de un Incomprendido.” On these videos, the rapper talks about many topics, things that bring down the human spirit, such as suicidal thoughts, and how these things affect you. In each episode, Shé explained and gave example of how you can make things better. With these videos, this rapper has helped inspire many people, including Jesus and I.

These videos and his songs helped Jesus discover his new talent. After he heard Shé’s songs, he started writing. He expressed all of his thoughts and feelings in writing and they soon became lyrics. He started viewing his world differently. He wanted to change the world for those people who have, and are going through, what he once went through. I was there for him when he did not have many people by his side. I was one of those friends that supported his idea of singing since I liked his voice a lot. And since his parents pushed him not to do the singing as his career, he needed support; somebody to believe in him.  I was there maybe not in person all the time, but I helped and encouraged him through messages; I was there for him because that is what friends are for. He did not give up on his life or his singing career.  He did not let the rejection of people or family stop him. He managed to save up  the money to record his first song called “Quiero,” a song about how he wants a perfect world, but he knows that is not possible.  He plans to make “Quiero” part of his first album, called “Utopia,” which I love. His efforts have paid off as he has had success as a singer; he recently debuted on TV with his song titled “Sentimientos de Papel.”

He is now 16 years-old and it is hard to believe that at such young age he had to face all those horrible things to discover his talent. He now manages to think about life in a positive way. His positivity made some of his dreams come true and he continues to fight to reach the people and make them understand what his struggle was and how he managed to get over them and achieve his goals. All his accomplishments are something that as a friend make me proud, because since the first day I met him, I knew that this kid was going to go far.

At a young age Jesus plans to change the world with his songs. At first it might seem like his songs are negative, but once you get deep into the lyrics you get the message. He wants a perfect world, he is aware that that might not be possible, but he believes that some of his songs are going to reach and help people. He is achieving his goals at this young age, which impresses some people, I include myself in that list. I am proud to be his friend.

Jesus is not only a friend he is one of the people I look up to. His favorite saying, “I am only 15 years old, I got  a life and a future ahead of me, a path to follow and a Utopia to fulfill,” he inspires me to continue and reach for my dreams and goals. He taught me that dreams come true if you put effort into them and not to give up so easily. Knowing that he has accomplished his dreams has inspired me to not give up and continue forward to accomplish my goals.

Inspiration can turn your life into something different something amazing and magical. It can help plan for your future just like it did with Jesus. He was not expecting this. The inspiration he got from the singer Shé is something special, something that still surprises me. I just do not understand why Jesus had to face all those terrible things to find the talent in him, but I’m proud of him for fighting through the pain to find success.

Inspiration really changes your life. It changes people. Without it, we would not be able to accomplish some of our goals. Being inspired by someone is an amazing feeling. You know that without giving up you can accomplish anything. That no matter how hard life hits you, if you find inspiration it builds hope within you and you will get to  the other side of that dark storm and something amazing is going to be waiting for you.

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