Community Helps South Valley Enjoy Reading

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Most people like reading because to a lot of people it’s an escape. It can take you to a whole different world. You can go to Wonderland or Narnia you can even go to a tropical island. Reading can take you on adventures you’ve never been before. Other people read to expand their knowledge of the world. Others to expand their vocabulary. People read for many different reasons.

However, not every kid likes to read and often this hurts them at school.  In Ukiah, CA, a lot of these students end up at South Valley High School.  Until last year, South Valley didn’t even have a library.  To help students want to read, South Valley started SSR — sustained silent reading. SSR happens every day at the beginning of class during second period.  Students get an extra 15 minutes to read any book they want. It’s really helpful for the students who don’t have enough time to read at home. Having a library helps out a lot because most students don’t even have books around their house. Some students might not even like to read, but since our library has so many different kinds of books most of the time they find books that they really like. The library has new releases, old classics, all different types of reading levels, and, some of the most popular, lots of graphic novels.  I’ve seen a lot of students who think they’re “too good to read” and have never really read any book before start to enjoy reading.  It’s amazing that South Valley is helping the students making that change.

photo courtesy of Ukiah Daily Journal

photo courtesy of Ukiah Daily Journal


Books cost money and schools don’t always have money for books.  The Ukiah community has stepped up; specifically, The Mendocino Book Company, which recently donated a large variety of books to South Valley High School. When our library started last year South Valley purchased $1,500 worth of books from The Mendocino Book Company.  Along with our purchase they donated a bunch of books to help us start out our library. This year they donated many more as well, even though we didn’t buy any more books from them. The books they donate are all the most recent releases — some are part of a series — and have not even been read yet, which makes students feel a bit more special; they are worth getting new stuff instead of second hand or hand me downs.  South Valley students and staff are very grateful for all the donations and help we have been receiving from the community to help out our students.


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